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About Us

Firehouse Exteriors is a franchise-based national network of local five-star roofing and restoration companies.

The Firehouse Exteriors team has over 100 years of combined experience in the roofing and restoration industry. Our Managing Director has been in the business for 35 years, with over 10,000 reroofs and $100 million dollars in sales to his credit.

Our team has developed the most unique and powerful roofing and restoration franchise concept ever conceived. We focus our franchise efforts on recruiting current and former firefighters ONLY. We won’t sell a franchise to a “suit” or a “warm body with money”. We consider our franchisees much more than business partners; we’re a family, a brotherhood, an exclusive club. Our motto is, “Who knows their way around a roof better than a firefighter!”

Firefighters are team players who are extremely well disciplined, follow procedures, used to extensive training, ethical, loyal, honest, trustworthy and dedicated to saving lives, daily. These individuals are community-minded and routinely engage in nonprofit efforts.

Every franchisee goes through extensive training before opening their Firehouse Exteriors franchise. Upon completion of our training program, they are prepared to deliver first-in-class service backed by our industry best guarantee and warranty.

Firehouse Exteriors was conceived as a Socially Responsible Organization (SRO). This means that we strive to give back to the communities that we serve. A percentage of every sale is donated to a local or national nonprofit. We have dozens of participating nonprofits in our program.

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The Right Business

The Roofing Business, a $20 Billion Industry, is Virtually Recession Proof and Driven By:

  • An increase in single-family housing starts​​
  • A substantial increase in weather related damage; hail, windstorms, tornadoes & hurricanes​​
  • The rising need for storm-resistant products​​
  • The demand: growing at a compound annual growth rate of 4.9%
  • The economy has no effect on the business – insurance companies pay for a new roof regardless of current economic conditions. The industry flourished during the great recession and has done even better during the past ten years.​​
  • The number of property damaging hail and wind storms have increased substantially over the past decade. There are now over 70 metro areas that routinely experience damaging hail or wind.​​
  • According to a recent report by Verisk Insurance Solutions, 10.7 million properties in the United States were affected by one or more damaging hail events in 2017.

You have either experienced this yourself or know someone who has.

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Why Buy A Firehouse Exteriors Franchise?

It’s hard to even begin to cover all the great reasons to become part of our franchise system.

Let’s start with 18 of them!

  1. Current and Former Firefighters Only

    Our entire franchise concept was built around the lifestyles of firefighters. It was designed with only firefighters in mind. We intend to create a family, a brotherhood, an exclusive club of franchise owners who must be current or former firefighters.

    No others need apply.

  2. No Experience Necessary

    We will provide all the training, materials and support that you will need to succeed in a Firehouse Exteriors business.

    Hey, you didn’t know anything about firefighting until you went through the fire academy, right?

    We realize that many firefighters already have a side business, which provides a base of business experience. Many are involved in the home improvement trades. If this describes you, then we welcome you to speak with us about incorporating your existing business into a new Firehouse Exteriors franchise. If you don’t already have a business, then maybe now’s the time to consider one. Why not build a business that can provide for you and your family now and down the road when your firefighter career comes to an end?

  3. A Huge, Growing & Profitable Industry

    The roofing industry is almost $50 billion. Re-roofing, as a result of storm damage, is almost $20 billion. The entire home improvement industry is almost $400 billion! The average re-roof in America is $15,000.

  4. Multiple Income Streams

    When you become a Firehouse Exteriors franchise owner, you’ll be able to take advantage of multiple sources of revenue and profit.

    1. Revenue & profit from the roofing side of the business.
    2. Commission on revenue from other services: Gutters, painting, siding, etc.
    3. Commission generated through The Hail Network as an affiliate.

    Your Firehouse Exteriors Franchise consultant will explain these in detail, as well as, our FDD.

  5. Sole Ownership or Partner Ownership

    As we have stated before, our franchise concept was developed based on the needs of a typical firefighter. With the unique work schedule that firefighters have, we encourage partnerships. We like the idea of two and three firefighters joining as partners in a single franchise. This allows each one to continue to work their jobs and still enjoy the benefits of owning a business. While one partner is working the other one or two can be running the business. This arrangement also greatly reduces the cost for each partner to acquire a franchise. This is explained in our FDD and your Firehouse Exteriors Franchise Consultant will go over this in detail with you.

    If you’re a former or current firefighter that wants to run your own operation and has the available capital, then we say, “Go for it!” However, if you want to continue your current employment and still build a business for the future, why not team up with a couple of your buddies and make it happen for you all.

  6. Proprietary & Exclusive Marketing Program
    John Wanamaker

    John Wanamaker Former U.S. Postmaster General

    Other roofing franchises expect, even require, their franchisees to spend thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars per month on advertising. The problem with this is that most franchisees are not experienced at marketing or advertising and subsequently burn through a lot of cash unnecessarily. Before too long, their cash runs out and everyone is angry or disenchanted with the business. In fact, poor use of advertising dollars could easily sink the ship.

    As the “pioneer in marketing” John Wanamaker famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.”

    This rings so true for most business owners. It takes experience, research, skill, time and money to properly execute an effective advertising plan. Most business owners simply don’t have all five.

    That’s why Firehouse Exteriors has developed an advertising and marketing program to remove this albatross off the shoulders of our franchisees. We have the experience, we do the research, we have the experts with the skills, and we have a local advertising fund that rivals or exceeds any of the competition.

    Because of the proprietary nature of our marketing program, we will not disclose details here on our website for anyone to read. Your Firehouse Exteriors Franchise Consultant will be happy to discuss our program with you, in detail, at a personal meeting.

  7. Exclusive Referral Lead Generation System

    The Hail Network (THN) is a sister company to Firehouse Exteriors and is an exclusive lead generation program for Firehouse Exteriors franchises. As a Firehouse Exteriors franchisee, you are automatically enrolled as an Affiliate in THN.

    Unlike any other franchise opportunity, Firehouse Exteriors franchisees benefit from a unique business model where, once fully established, will not only create thousands of new customers through a national affiliate referral program established through The Hail Network, it will also create a secondary passive income stream for their franchise. For more information on the Affiliate program, click here.

  8. Exceptional Training & In-House Support

    The Firehouse Exteriors management team has over 100 years of experience in the roofing and restoration business. Our training program is second to none and is far more extensive than any other that we know of. Your training will encompass online, classroom and in the field. All training modules and videos are available online to review at any time.

    In addition, every franchisee is assigned an in-house liaison, who will be available to help and guide you through virtually any issue.

  9. State-of-the-Art Technology

    Through extensive research, Firehouse Exteriors has assembled state-of-the-art software that seamlessly integrates CRM, estimating, and accounting functions for your franchise business.

  10. Front Office Services

    Sometimes just answering the phone can become a big headache for a small business. If you don’t have a dedicated receptionist then calls are probably being forwarded to your cell phone. If you’re with a customer or working your “day job” the calls go to voicemail. Research proves that this can result in lost business, reduced customer satisfaction and miscommunications.

    We don’t want that to happen with our franchisees or their customers. To avoid this problem, Firehouse Exteriors handles all incoming calls for all franchises. Our highly trained receptionists will answer your calls and connect them to you as instructed or as appropriate. This front office team is specifically trained in our business and won’t sound like an answering service that doesn’t know or care about your specific business.

    This service is included in your franchise fee, at no additional cost and will save you thousands of dollars per month on labor costs.

  11. 24/7 Customer Care

    In addition, our customer care team will assist your customers 24/7, so you can get some sleep!

  12. Project Management Support

    When you’re new to a business, it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. There’s so much to learn. That’s why we offer Project Management Support as an optional service. Our Project Managers can review every estimate you prepare before you give it to your customer. We check for accuracy and for supplement opportunities. Supplements can drastically increase the profitability of a job. Experienced project managers that understand supplements can add hundreds, even, thousands of extra dollars to an adjustment. Profits that go right to the bottom line. In fact, supplements are so important that there are firms that provide this service to roofing companies for a fee and a percentage of the increased adjustment.

    Firehouse Exteriors has some of the best supplement people in the business to help you increase your profits.

  13. Back Office Support

    As an optional service, franchisees can utilize our back-office support personnel for bookkeeping & accounting and other corporate services. We have highly trained bookkeepers that can keep your books and records up to date. According to a survey conducted by TD Bank, over 50% of small business owners loathe the task.

    Like it or not, the state of your business books may very well determine whether your business lives or dies. Forget to pay a bill, and there goes your credit. Fail to keep track of receipts, and you miss out on all kinds of business-tax deductions. Lose track of your invoices coming in, and you’ll lose money.

    Again, Firehouse Exteriors is here to help you succeed.

  14. Local Field Support

    Every market has a Field Director. This individual is a highly experienced professional that acts as a mentor to new franchisees, is available to answer their questions, and meets face-to-face with each franchisee, on a regular basis.

  15. Industry Leading Guarantees and Warranties

    Firehouse Exteriors makes it simple for our franchisees and their customers: Limited Lifetime Warranties on materials and labor for as long as they own their home and 100% satisfaction guarantees. Our customer motto is, “If you're not happy, then we’re not happy!”

  16. Lowest Investment of Any Roofing/Home Improvement Franchise

    According to the FDDs of other roofing and restoration franchisors, Firehouse Exteriors is the most affordable franchise on the market. It’s not because we’re cutting corners, it’s because we believe that we have tighter control over the costs and a program that allows franchisees to build their new businesses without incurring unnecessary expenses during the start-up phase.

  17. Live Your Best Life signOwn a Business & Have a Life!

    One of the great benefits of the roofing and exteriors business is that, as an owner, you can have a business and a life!

    The vast majority of your business will take place during the warm months. Most of our franchises will be located in four-season climate areas. It’s not unusual for owners in this business to take extended time off during the winter months, without disrupting their businesses or incomes.

    Don’t get us wrong. You will work your butt off during the busy season! But you will have the opportunity to take time off in the winter. We’re sure your family will appreciate this!

  18. And the Biggest Reason of All

    We intend to become the 800lb. gorilla in our industry, which will provide many benefits for our franchisees, as we grow.

    Why not join forces with the best!

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The Initial Investment

Here's the range in costs to open a Firehouse Exteriors franchise

Type of ExpenditureLowHigh
Initial Franchise Fee$29,500$29,500
Training Expenses$1,000$3,000
Leasehold Improvements$0$25,000
Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment & Signage$1,000$25,000
Insurance - Auto$200$600
Insurance - BOP$2,000$3,000
Professional Fees$1,500$3,000
Technology Fees$450$750
Initial Local Ad Fund Contribution$25,000$25,000
Vehicle Expenses$5,000$15,000
THN Affilate Fee$249$747
Materials Reserve$0$10,000
Working Capital$8,250$22,950
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Franchisee Qualifications

The ideal Firehouse Exteriors franchisee will be a current or former firefighter who:

  • Is willing to follow a system. We want someone who has the entrepreneurial spirit but understands that we have a proven model.
  • Is passionate and enthusiastic about being a small business owner with a go-getter mentality. You've got to like people to do business as a Firehouse Exteriors franchisee and be successful.
  • Understands what they’re getting into. Do you understand the work this is going to take? Do you understand that there will be difficult times?
  • Is somebody that is into cultivating positive customer relationships…. the focus is on the human connection with the customer.
  • Is a team leader. To grow to a multi-million-dollar business, our franchise partners will need to recruit, train, mentor and motivate a commission-based sales team. So, the larger their team, the better trained and coached they are, the more successful they will be.
  • Is somebody who wants to build a future and still have a life. We want it to fit into their lifestyle, instead of taking it over.
  • Has a minimum net worth of $200,000 and $100,000 in available capital.
    (these amounts may be reduced when multiple partners or financing are involved)
  • Has a solid credit history.
  • Has no criminal record.
  • Is in excellent physical condition.
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The Process

10 Steps to Independence and Success!

  1. Initial Conversation
    This is an opportunity to get to know each other and determine if we share a similar culture and mindset. When our style and your style is in alignment, it becomes a win-win relationship and we both succeed. Does our opportunity excite you? Are we excited to have you join our team? Do the stars align for this new relationship? If we mutually agree, we can move forward to the next step.

  2. Group Meeting/Presentation
    Once we have talked and determined that we should move forward, we’ll invite you to a group meeting/presentation, along with other interested firefighters, where you can learn all about the Firehouse Exteriors opportunity in detail and ask questions that you may have thought of after our initial conversation. We’ll dig deep into our business model, software & systems, marketing plan, operations, training and support.

  3. Follow-Up Conversation
    After the group meeting, we’ll sit down one-on-one to answer any additional questions you may have and discuss the next steps. We’ll also go over the Franchisee Application together.

  4. Application Submission
    Once we mutually feel that moving forward is in order, you’ll complete the Franchisee Application. This should take less than 20 minutes.

  5. Executive Team Review
    Our Executive Team reviews every Franchisee Application. After careful consideration and discussion, the team votes on whether to accept an application. The decision must be unanimous. Based on a positive vote, we can move forward to the next step.

  6. FDD Review
    After approval of your application, you will receive a link and password to our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document outlines the expectations between you, the Franchisee, and us, the Franchisor. Our Franchise Consultant will go through this document, in detail, and answer all your questions. You can access the FDD on our website and print off a copy, if you’d like.

  7. Discovery Day
    This is your opportunity to meet the team that will help you start, build and grow your business every day. Each Franchisee is assigned to an in-house liaison and a Field Director. This “Meet & Greet” will enable you and any partners to make a final evaluation on our mutual decision to move forward.

  8. Join the Team!
    The expectation is that upon a successful Discovery Day, we will execute all the documents to make you a new franchise owner. You will be expected to tender your check for the Franchise Fee and any other costs outlined in the Franchise Agreement.

  9. Congratulations!
    You’re one of us now! Let’s get the show on the road. It’s time for our franchise support team to swing into action. We will work with you on all the pre-launch items necessary to ramp up your business. This process can take several months. You and your partners, if any, will need to work with our team to accomplish this. Items such as what form of legal entity you want to use: sole proprietorship, LLC, C-corporation, or S-Corporation will need to be decided. You may wish to seek advice from legal counsel. If you desire, we can connect you with trusted attorneys that specialize in this area of law who can help you very inexpensively. Other items, such as licenses will also need to be addressed. Feel confident that there is nothing you must do that we haven’t done before.

  10. Ready, Set, Let’s Go!
    After months of preparation, you will open your new Firehouse Exteriors franchise. Initially, we recommend that new franchisees operate their business from home for a period of 6-12 months. This allows you to keep your overhead low while starting to generate revenue. Once your revenue hits a certain amount, you can move to a brick and mortar facility. Many other franchises require franchisees to have a location from day one. We believe that this just puts unnecessary added financial pressure on a new franchisee. The decision to operate from a home office or rent or lease a business location is entirely yours.
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Available Markets

We’re expanding nationwide on a market-by-market basis.

We're currently accepting franchise applications in the follow states:

Washington D.C.
North Carolina

South Carolina

New Mexico
South Dakota

This website and any reference to our franchise system or sales information on this site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise.

The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document, commonly known as the FDD. Certain states require that we register the franchise disclosure document in those states. The information on this website is not directed to residents of any state requiring registration. We will not offer or sell franchises in any state that requires registration until we have registered our franchise offering within the respective state or until we have obtained an exemption to registration in any state that requires registration and delivered the FDD to a prospective franchisee, in compliance with applicable law. Please refer to the FDD for the most current information.

For a list of our target markets, click here.

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Financing Options

We’ll help you find the financial solution that best meets your objectives.

Firehouse Exteriors does not offer in-house financing. However, we have trusted relationships with other financial resources that can guide you through the process to meet your personal and business goals. Below is a list of financial firms that offer franchise financing.
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Let’s Cut to the Chase!

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Franchise Disclosure Statement

This website and any reference to our franchise system or sales information on this site does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise.

The offer of a franchise can only be made through the delivery of a franchise disclosure document, commonly known as the FDD. Certain states require that we register the franchise disclosure document in those states. The information on this website is not directed to residents of any state requiring registration. We will not offer or sell franchises in any state that requires registration until we have registered our franchise offering within the respective state or until we have obtained an exemption to registration in any state that requires registration and delivered the FDD to a prospective franchisee, in compliance with applicable law. Please refer to the FDD for the most current information.

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